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From Fonts in Use:

The original (heavy) weight was designed by Bob Newman in the Letraset studio and issued in 1970. In 1978, Frankfurter Medium (the only style to include a lowercase, by Alan Meeks) and Frankfurter Highlight (by Nick Belshaw) were added. Frankfurter Inline (by Studio) followed in 1981. [Daines] For a variant with horizontal stripes, see Rock Opera.

URW had versions named Freyja and Frigorius, including Shadow, Outline, Small Caps and Chrome variants. Latter is Frankfurter Highlight inversed, with an outline.




Sheets Available

Face Size Case Color Released SKU Notes
Frankfurter 72 UC black 1974 LG520
Frankfurter 60 UC black 1974 LG521
Frankfurter 48 UC black 1974 LG522
Frankfurter 36 UC black 1974 LG523
Frankfurter 24 UC black 1974 LG524
Frankfurter Highlight 72 UC black 1979 LG3205
Frankfurter Highlight 60 UC black 1979 LG3206
Frankfurter Highlight 48 UC black 1979 LG3207
Frankfurter Highlight 36 UC black 1979 LG3208
Frankfurter Medium 72 UC black 1978 LG2917
Frankfurter Medium 72 lc black 1978 LG2918
Frankfurter Medium 48 UC/lc black 1978 LG2919
Frankfurter Medium 36 UC/lc black 1978 LG2920
Frankfurter Medium 24 UC/lc black 1978 LG2921


Frankfurter, 72 pt. Frankfurter Highlight, 60 pt. Frankfurter Medium, 48 pt.